Executive Image Custom Men's Clothing - Louisville, KY

Men's Custom Made Clothing

You’ve worked hard to achieve success. You realize part of being successful is looking successful. Your custom made clothing from Executive Image highlights your attitude. It tells people who you are and where you’re going. You deserve to look your best! Let us at Executive Image be your personal clothier.

Our purpose is to assist you, the busy professional; to build a wardrobe of custom tailored clothing, shirts, and accessories that reflect your lifestyle. We save you valuable time and eliminate the hassle of shopping. We will help you reach your goals with your wardrobe and be a partner in your personal success with the finest men’s custom made clothing.

Use our web site to help you get acquainted with the process.

“Ken made my first Executive Image Custom Suit over 20 years ago. He offers personal service, quality, and an incredible selection. Ken is a person you can trust with your wardrobe”

Ulysses L. “Junior” Bridgeman President and CEO Heartland Coca-Cola